Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy to startups, businesses, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations, based on the type of assistance required. The benefits of a personalized training and consultancy programmes include dedicated one-to-one attention, detailed study and analysis of difficulty areas within the setup, bespoke and tailored solutions and advice and business-specific documentation.

The advantages of having in-house staff training or consultancy are numerous and result in a business or organization have a clear strategy and plan of action. With the training and associated discussions centred around the sector the business is located in, as well as taking into account the purpose and objectives of the business, specific strategies can be created that can be effectively implemented and actioned to create a technologically knowledgeable and capable organization.

Taking into account the present setup of the business helps us to create a realistic action plan in a variety of fields:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Setting Up Online Businesses
  • Freelancing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Various other specializations

Working with a partner with over 15 years of experience in assisting businesses and organizations, We can create detailed and effective courses and plans for industry-specific setups, combining a variety of digital elements to create the most optimum and effective solutions.

From Free-Fall to Fast-Track

This infrastructure technology company needed a turnaround strategy to reverse its financial free-fall. Ziel recommended a strategy that would establish a position of strength and restructure the company for growth.

Our Approach

The Results

Revitalising Profits and Performance
by Transforming a Manufacturer's Shop Floor

A leading provider of integrated specialty chemical solutions faced deteriorating financial performance and needed help improving its efficiencies and customer service. Ziel worked with Specialty Chemicals Company to achieve a dramatic turnaround at its major plant—without a large investment, creating a repeatable model for improved performance and cost savings across all of its facilities.

At a Glance


reduced non-material manufacturing costs


reduced total inventory’s material costs


reduced non-material manufacturing costs

Organizational Transformation
Creates a Clear Vision

The organizational structure and lack of vision hindered performance for one of our clients. Business units were pitted against one another and there was no coordination across them. Our partners helped align the organization to a new vision by focusing on leadership, decision-making and measures and incentives.

Our Approach

The Results