End to End Test Engineering Services

Ziel’s End to End Test Engineering Services Include:

  • System Requirements Analysis
  • Software and hardware requirements Analysis
  • Test Environment set up aligned to customer’s needs ( MiL, SiL, HiL, or ViL)
  • Extract Test requirements from system requirements or Analyse Test requirements
  • Development of test methods
  • Design and development of test cases
  • Execute tests, Analyse and share test results

Test Automation

Ziel consultancy services for functional and Software testing including manual testing as well as automated testing.

System-Level Functional Testing

  • Our comprehensive functional testing methods for testing an ECU or a complete system enable our customers to meet the high demand for cost reduction, meeting safety and security standards, and reduction in overall testing time.

Software Testing

  • Includes, performing unit testing, integration testing, system testing, code coverage analysis for our customers.

Data Recording and Post Processing

  • Designing a bespoke data logging setup
  • Data gathering in the cloud or locally
  • Post-processing the data for meaningful metrics

A Complete Test Setup

  • Ziel works with the best test tool vendors in the industry to come up with a test setup to meet customer’s requirement
  • Ziel has knowledge and expertise in network simulation and test automation for
    • Vector
    • DSpace
    • NI
    • Mathworks

Generic Engineering Services

Software Development

  • Ziel also offer bespoke software development services to meet any requirement for software design